"The art of communication is the language of leadership."

― James C. Humes - Author/Former Presidential Speech Writer


Jessica Taylor is a seasoned communications professional with broad experience in government, Fortune 500 and non-profit settings. She has independently developed communications strategies for reductions in force, benefits rollouts, culture initiatives, core values, mergers and acquisitions and other large-scale organizational changes. Jessica partners closely with C-suite executives, business leaders and teams seeking communications coaching and guidance to effectively lead and work through change.

Her professional work has been published online in Huffington Post, Forbes, Mashable, Scary Mommy, and Yahoo, among other sites.


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Thoughtful and effective communication is one of the most important attributes of any leader that can make or break your credibility. It's not just the words you choose, but when you deliver them, what channel carries your message and what happens after you communicate.

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High-performing organizations make employee communications a priority. An informed workforce is an engaged workforce, and an engaged workforce drives a strong and accountable culture. In fact, employees cite how and when they receive information as a leading attribute in workplace satisfaction and trust in leadership.

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Public relations is more than seeking media coverage for your products and events. It means ongoing outreach, and maintaining strong relationships with your organization's target audience, the media and other opinion leaders.

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The most successful organizations are constantly evolving. Whether changes are planned or unexpected, the way they are messaged to employees and externally sets the stage for how they will be perceived. Timing, messaging and audience segmentation are critical considerations for how any large-scale change is executed.

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Effective crisis communication planning is not just reactionary; when executed effectively, it includes plans and preventative measures to limit the impact of any unexpected challenge or event. The right tools and approach to crisis communications provide immense peace of mind, and protect an individual or organization from any challenge to its reputation.

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Social media is a valuable communications and marketing tool when leveraged strategically. Gone are the days of haphazardly posting updates and articles; the right content and methodology is essential. Channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram have evolved into true business tools that can serve as differentiators within a customized strategy.



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Jessica has a solid work ethic and applies this work ethic with the utmost integrity to her job. I admire her ability to think through problems clearly. She has been an invaluable resource to many of our key executives here at Phoenix, helping to clearly articulate our message of education to careers advocating for our students.

RAJ RAMACHANDRAN, Senior Partner, Korn Ferry

Jessica has a keen sense of what will resonate with an audience and an ability to help people inside the company come to a better understanding of the strategic communications goals that she developed.

AARON MARTIN, Attorney, Snell & Wilmer

Jessica is a bright, strategic, and creative communications professional who consistently delivers a solid product. Whether a project was complex, sensitive or designed to entertain, I knew I could count on Jessica. Her thoughtful approach and her creativity as a writer make her a valuable resource.

JENNIFER ERICSSON, Owner, JAE Communications