5 Things No One Says To Working Dads

December 1, 2014Scary Mommy

Published on Scary Mommy So there’s some inequity in the workplace, yes? Apparently this is a thing. As in, women still get paid less for doing the exact same work as men, and we don’t get paid when we take time off to have babies (you know, to support the human race and all). But … Read More

10 Reasons the Baby Thinks I’m a Creep

September 2, 2014Scary Mommy

Published on Scary Mommy Babies are fascinating for all kinds of reasons, none more prevalent than the fact that they can’t tell us what they’re thinking. When my daughter learns to speak, I’m pretty sure she’ll have some direct feedback about the way things go down at our house, and what she wishes I would … Read More

12 Things I Thought About Babies…Before I Had One

September 1, 2014Scary Mommy

Published on Scary Mommy: November 2014  1. Maternity Leave will be a nice break from work. I mean yeah, I don’t miss conference calls, commuting or having to dress up everyday, but this isn’t quite the vacation I imagined. Because now I work 20 hours a day, without pay, while being covered in vomit and … Read More